Breed: Pitbull

Owner Name: Bob Richter

Adoption Year: 2010

We went to the Wolves game to see my kid's choir sing, and as the story goes...we came home with a dog.

Our Beagle/Dalmation Pebbles passed in 2009. We got her from Anti Cruelty downtown in 1994.  Lived a long, happy life.  We figured at first we were not going to get another dog, but I guess fates aligned and we ended up at AllState Arena 10 months later during adopt-a-dog day.

Lots of Pitbulls were there that day and all of them had good demeanor.  Pits get a bad rap because of their owners.  Our dog must have been abused by someone, likely a man of my build, because Kendall was scared of me for a few weeks.

It didn't take too long for her to begin to adapt to our home but it was clear we needed to get her vet help to clear up the mange the adoption group at AllState Arena told us about.  She's a really good dog overall.  Very friendly, very approachable, but easily scared by some noises.

She has a little happy place in a different room, in the corner, behind an end table where she goes when she's spooked by something.  Takes her an hour to come out and head back to the other room where she has a deluxe dog bed, complete with toys, her bowls and even a blanket & pillow.

Kendall was easily trained and is doing OK on walks - we walk her, she doesn't walk us - but will run like the wild if she gets out.  Heads right over to someone she knows close by.  So we have gone back to locking our backyard gates and watching the garage and doors to the outside.  She doesn't go far but like all dogs, doesn't know to stop and look before she crosses the street.  

We're in a fairly quiet area and our street isn't busy plus main roads are blocks away.  Kendall is well-known in the neighborhood now and is often seeing running alongside us when we're on a short bike ride or on roller-blades.  She jogs alongside, keeps up the pace and knows exactly how to go.  People are amazed how often the dog just likes to go on a fast jog two or three times a week.  Even in the wintertime, unless there's a lot of snow and salt, the dog likes to go on a walk or run.

She is about 40 lbs, medium build, very strong and fast.  She's primarily white/offwhite with a pink hue to her skin.  Looks like she has big freckles on her skin.  She has distinctive black fur near her left eye and her right ear most of the time doesn't stand up like her left ear.  Think my wife enjoys that uniqueness of Kendall.

I wanted to name her "radar" because when we make funny noises or talk about her, call her name; she makes her ears look like they're turning, just like a doppler weather radar dish.  It's so funny, even now after we have had her three years ago yesterday.

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