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24 Jan
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The Bachelor: Season 17 Ep. 3 Recap

Well, we start off the third episode with another glimpse of Sean's abs for the third time in a row. I don't know what's getting more annoying, the cameraman’s love for Sean's abs or Sarah telling us she has one arm. Actually, one is annoying and the other is getting out of hand. OK, moving forward...

First One-on-One: Lesley M

Sean picked up Lesley in his limo just like how every other guy in the world picks up a girl for their first date and the two head to the Guinness Book of World Records Museum. Chris Harrison then came out and said to them, "You two are going to attempt to set the record for the worlds longest on-screen kiss." Sure enough, they broke the record of 3 minutes and 15 seconds. I found this very awkward and kind of stupid, especially with a crowd of random people watching.

Lesley was given a rose after a long make-out session with Sean. I really wish that just one time Sean would make out with a girl all night and then send her home. That would be beautiful.

Group Date


I have to mention this first. When AshLee was interviewed about not being on the group date, this was her response and she was serious: "I'm really glad I'm not on the group date because I'm assuming it's some activity."

Sean met the 12 girls at a non-nude beach and spent part of the day doing beach activities. We all knew this would turn into some type of competition once Chris Harrison showed up. He split the girls into 2 groups for a volleyball game. The winning team spends the evening with Sean while the losers head back to the house.

Team Blue: Kacie, Robyn, Desiree, Amanda, Lindsay, Jackie
Team Red: Leslie H, Catherine, Taryn, Daniella, Tierra and Kristy with a K.

Off the first serve we quickly realized that these girls were not athletic at all. Kristy with a K was horrendous. Sure enough, she was the one who was crying and saying she blew it for her squad. She did and she was about as worthless as a yo-yo with no string. The Red team would have been better off with Sarah but unfortunately she wasn't on the date. Somehow Team Blue was able to capture the victory, thanks to Robyn's serve. Not many people in the world can master the two-handed overhand serve.  

At the end of the night, Lindsay was given the group date rose. There's something about this girl that makes me think she gets a hometown date.

Second One-on-One: AshLee

When Sean arrived at the house to pick up AshLee, Tierra had fallen down a step and was hurt. Paramedics came, put a neck brace on her, and she said she didn't want to go to the hospital. Since girls always get their way, she didn't go. Bottom line, she's a wimp and wanted attention.

Sean and AshLee then went to Six Flags, which was rented out to just the two of them. Sean then told AshLee that two girls will be joining them. Both girls are chronically ill and met through a children's foundation.

This date was without a doubt one of the neatest dates the show has ever thought of. It was very original, besides renting out the entire amusement park for themselves and the private concert by the Eli Young Band. But hearing the story about the two girls who were best friends that never met until that day, and their sickness, was very emotional as well as hearing AshLee's story of being a foster child and then adopted.

When Sean and AshLee were chatting it up later that night, I actually laughed out loud when AshLee said, "Well, I want like as many kids as my husband and I want to have." Mmmmm....what IF she said she didn't want to have as many kids as her husband and her want to have? Figure that one.

AshLee gets a rose and a make-out session. Seems to be the two hottest items at the end of dates.

Cocktail Part/Rose Ceremony

Once again it was a battle among the girls all for one-on-one time with Sean. One girl would be talking and another would come up and say in the most innocent voice, "Can I steeeeeeal him for a second?" First off, it's not "for a second," and second, wait your flipping turn!

Before handing out the roses, Sean pulled Kacie aside and told her that he would much rather remain friends. The two weren't connecting and Kacie was a way different person on this season than Ben's season.

My Top 4

Lesley M

Sent home this week

Taryn: Didn't get too much TV time. My guess is because she was an airhead.
Kacie: Her family would have ruined this one too. Nice girl, sexy, but nice girl.
Kristy with a K: They never showed her one-on-one time with Sean. My guess is because she was trying to sell him either ViSalus Shakes or a Jager shot.

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